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Spirituality 1.2 - For The Disconnected From The School Of Life: A Review For Tekkies
¿Can our spirituality be explained through the use of technology?

In his first book, Spirituality 101, Dr. Iván Figueroa-Otero presents a guide to self-understanding while closing the apparent gap between the religious and scientific vision with an eclectic and original delivery.

This version (1.2) is a deliciously funny, tongue-in-cheek update, where every concept, idea, image, and advice is carefully defined with technological elements like virtual domains, bits, and RAM. Here, the questions of  Who am I?, Where do I come from?, Where am I going? that the human race has been studying for centuries are explained in a way accessible to anyone with a smartphone or a computer.

“Imagine our Universe as a big computer, where the quality of its computation is directly proportional to the quality of the input data. And where every programming error is reversible and re-programmable, with a little bit of patience!”

Iván Figueroa-Otero, MD FACS

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